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  1. Sir,
    In reference to the Fixation of Ex-servicemen pay in Bank, the points in Per/38 Circular of date 24.02.2011, there are two sections in which first is where DA is payable on pension after refixation and other where DA is not payable on pension after refixation, please clarify the point c which is mentioned below: –

    c) on re-employment his pay has been fixed at the minimum of pay
    scale of the post in which re-employed.
    because as per the points mentioned below, I am suppose to get the DA on pension after re fixation as I am not falling in the criteria given below : –

    iii) Dearness Relief on pension is not payable in cases where:-
    a) the ex-servicemen held a post of the rank of commissioned officer at
    the time of retirement and
    b) whose pay on re-employment is fixed equivalent to or higher than his
    last drawn pay OR pay on re – employment is fixed at the maximum
    of the pay scale applicable to re –employed post OR pay is fixed at
    the minimum of the pay scale of the post in which re-employed but is
    more then the pay last drawn and
    c) pay on re-employment has been fixed after ignoring only a portion of
    the pension received from the previous employment.

    Thanking You,

    Salinder Kumar
    RASMECCC Karnal

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