• AIBEA – completes 67 years  – entering 68th year on 20th April, 2013

After completing 67 glorious years of existence, our beloved AIBEA will be entering the 68th year on 20th April, 2013 – the red letter day for bank employees of our country.  We have been celebrating our founding day year after year, but this year, the founding day has a special significance.  Only a month ago we witnessed, the grandeur of the 27th Conference of our great organisation wherein we also explored new vistas and dimensions for our onward march to meet the emerging challenges of the ensuing decade.  We had also discussed about the seriousness of the challenges emerging before us in the movement.  We had resolved to strategise our activities, focus on the priorities and make our organisation more stronger in order to effectively meet the challenges of the decade.  We feel rejuvenated, more oriented and see great opportunities to further unite, to struggle and to achieve.  It is in this background of challenges and opportunities that we will be celebrating our 68th Founding Day this year.

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