AISBOPEF Circular No.22/2013

           Bipartite Talks with IBA

After the initial and opening round of discussions with the IBA held on 22-2-2013 on the charter of demands submitted by us for revision of wages and service conditions on expiry of the period of the 9th BP Settlement on 31-10-2012, another round of discussions took place today between the IBA and UFBU constituent unions.  From AIBEA, our President Com. Rajen Nagar and the undersigned participated in the discussions.

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2 Responses to AISBOPEF Circular No.22/2013

  1. Iba meeting today on 22/4/13 with ufbu indicates that bigul (sankhnaad) has been played by iba team ,the same which was blown by the kaurvas in mahabharat, and now it is our turn to request lord krishna to play HIS panchjanya shankh and all comrades be prepated and gear up for the battle for 10th bipartite has since begun , we should be fully prepared to all the agitational programmes given by union—comrade raman sharma h/cashier, sbop distt. courts patiala

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