AISBOPEF Circular No. 35/2013

Com. Naresh Gaur, Asstt. General Secretary AISBOPEF

Nominated as Workmen Director, on Board of State Bank of Patiala  

 We congratulate all our members for their unity, as once again our Federation has been recognized by the Govt. of India as a majority Organization under the banner of AIBEA. Com. Naresh Gaur, Assistant General Secretary, AISBOPEF & President SBOPEU (PB) have been appointed as Workmen Director, on the Board of our beloved institution State Bank of Patiala following a notification by the Govt. of India issued on 22nd July 2013. Com. Naresh Gaur is eighth Office Bearer of All India State Bank of Patiala Employees’ Federation to be appointed as Workmen Director. We salute the solidarity and unity maintained by all our members as a result of which we have come victorious once again.


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