AISBOPEF Circular No. 18/2014

May Day – 2014:   An occasion to renew our pledge

 We greet all our members on the occasion of the ensuing May Day – the day of International working class solidarity.

May Day – the Holy Day for the workers:  May Day is a solemn occasion when we not only pay homage to the great martyrs of the Haymarket Square agitation of Chicago of 1886 but also recall the sacrifices made by the workers the world over in the course of our fight against exploitation and struggle for dignified employment conditions.  It is a glorious occasion to recollect the impressive achievements of the working class in securing trade union rights and improving the economic status of the workers. May Day explains the basic conflict of interests between the working class and the exploiting employers / capitalist class. It explains the class to which we all belong to. May Day signifies the need for building up international unity and solidarity of workers.


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