AISBOPEF Circular No. 33/2014


Government clears Compassionate Appointment Scheme in Banks


Units are aware that the earlier Scheme of Appointment on Compassionate grounds on the death of employees while in service was discontinued in the Banks under the plea of a Supreme Court judgment.  Subsequently, due to the struggle and efforts of UFBU, a modified scheme was implemented by which compassionate ground appointment was extended in few restricted cases and in other cases, financial compensation scheme was introduced.  We have been pursuing the issue earnestly and consistently and in October, 2012, UFBU submitted the letter to the IBA asking for extension of the Government scheme of compassionate appointments.  The issue was lingering since then even though, we were informed that the IBA-Government were positive on this issue.

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  1. Continued efforts by aibea paved the way to achieve this landmark achievment-once again like in the past aibea proves it settles all the issues for benefit of bank employees-congrats to our leadership of comrade sk gautam-AIBEA ZINDABAD-FROM RAMAN SHARMA HEAD CASHIER SBOP DISTT. COURTS BRANCH PATIALA

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