AISBOPEF Circular No. 43/2014

 Reg : Present wage revision negotiation

  The next round of Bipartite Talks between IBA and  UFBU will be held at 10 am on 26th  September, 2014.   In the last round of  Talks held on 17th instant, during the UFBU meeting,  we have already conveyed our view that a flexible approach should be taken so that we can compel IBA to come up in their offer.  We will again reiterate our position as per the decision of Kolkata GC meeting.  The point is that the gap between our demand and IBA’s offer should be narrowed down so that we can move towards a settlement at a reasonable and mutually acceptable level and if IBA would still be adamant, we have to resort to agitation.  We hope that all of us understand the situation properly.


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