AISBOPEF Circular No.44/2014

      60 Years ago

–      1st All India Strike by AIBEA on 23rd September, 1954.

 It is a glorious occasion to recall that 60 years ago on 23rd September in 1954, bank employees observed the first All India Strike at the call of AIBEA. That was an entirely different period. Bank employees were getting organized in various States and Banks. There was no system of collective bargaining and Bipartite Settlement. Unions were fighting before Tribunals. The 1st All India Tribunal was Sen Tribunal which gave its Award in August, 1950 but unfortunately at the behest of the bankers, the Award was declared as void on technical grounds. Then the demands were referred to H.V. Divatia Tribunal in July, 1951 but this Tribunal resigned and hence in January, 1952, the issues were referred to Sastry Tribunal. Various Bank-wise Unions along with AIBEA argued before the Tribunal and in April, 1953, the Sastry Award was published.


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