AISBOPEF Circular No. 45/2014


Reg : Problems of Ex-Servicemen employees


  In the recent few years, quite a number of Ex-Servicemen have joined the Banks.  They have been facing problems in their fitment, etc.  On our taking up the matter, Grade Pay was included while fixing the wages in the Bank.  But there are other Pay and allowances which are not being protected.  Further, different Banks are following different methods of protection of pay while fixing their wages in the Banks.  Even within a Bank, there are differences from one Zone and another and one employee and another.  These have been creating heart-burning amongst them and in many cases, there have been reduction in their emoluments.  On our pursuing the matter with the Government, IBA has issued uniform guidelines for fixation of wages but still problems exist.  There are also instances of heavy recovery from salary. Some instances of problems in payment of DA on their pension, etc, have also been brought to our notice.  There are also representations about lack of uniformity in sanction of housing loan to Ex-Servicemen employees.


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  1. We The EX-SERVICEMEN employees are grateful to our union leaders who have taken concern of our grienvances and problems regarding our pay fixation etc. We are very much obliged by their sincere efforts and hope they will surely represent us and raise our voices in front of IABA and Finance ministry. We are proud of you all, Sir.
    Thanking you.

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