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Banking Law Amendment Speech

Dear Comrades,

Banking Law Amendments

You are aware that the Banking Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2011 was introduced in
the Parliament in March, 2011 with the view to liberalise the various banking regulations
in favour of private corporate capital, both domestic and foreign. We have been fighting
against this Bill and there have been repeated strikes and agitations on this issue.
However, in the recent winter session of the Parliament, the Government pushed
through the Bill despite our strike action and protest by various political parties and
members of Parliament both in Lok Sabha as well as in Rajya Sabha. Of course,
certain clauses have been withdrawn or modified and Government could not do
everything as they wanted. This struggle by Bank Employees on this issue is an
important part of our history.
In this booklet we have reproduced some of the speeches of the MPs who
participated in the debate in the Parliament. We thank them for their support.
The reply to be debate by the Finance Minister is also furnished herein.

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